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Setting Realistic Expectations For The New Christian

Are you someone who expects that God's mission for you should be easy & the world should embrace that mission as you flourish and grow in your walk? If so, I want you to look at the examples of people God used in the Bible.


  • Everybody thought Noah was crazy.
  • Moses had to deal with whiners, grumblers, & insubordinates.
  • Christ Himself had just a few people who truly believed and followed Him.
  • Paul fought a long and hard battle all the way to the end.


But each man served in his role exactly how he was called to.

Even though it was hard...

Even though I'm sure there were times where they doubted if they were walking like God wanted them to...

Even though they had naysayers hurling insults and stones...

They persevered.


Following God's path for your life WILL NOT be easy. It's going to be the hardest thing you'll ever do. Expect Hardships. Expect Criticism. Expect Exhaustion. Expect to absolutely NEED the Power of the Holy Spirit to pull you through. Expect to be completely accurate when you don't believe you can make it one more second on your own.


And in THAT moment when you give it all back to God, Expect HIM to carry you to the next moment... And the next... And the next.


Some in this world will tell you that following God means you'll have a better, easier, successful life. I'd challenge that thought. The path God has designed for your life may be utterly brutal.


But do it.


It's worth it, my friend.


It will all be worth it to hear from the mouth of God Himself "Well done My good & faithful servant."



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