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5 Attributes of a Great Coaching Client

Are you wondering what it takes to be a GREAT coaching client? Here is a list of the top 5 attributes of every great client that I've ever worked with.

1 | Prepared

The Great Client comes to the session ready to grow. They have done their homework ahead of time. They’ve completed their Call Strategy form. They are in a quiet space with few/no distractions so they can completely focus on their exploration and growth.

2 | Vulnerable

The Great Client is open and honest with the coach as well as with themselves. They don’t hide behind masks of security. They lay it all on the table. They boldly show their scars while confidently embracing their strengths.

3 | Ownership

The Great Client takes ownership for what is theirs. They don’t pass off responsibility onto others. When there is a change that needs to happen, they look inwardly first. They embrace the fact that there is still growth that needs to take place within themselves and they are willing to do what it takes to grow.

4 | Exploring

The Great Client is ready to dig no matter what they might find. They know it won’t always be pretty as they’re going through the process, but recognize at the end they are going to come out with some solid jewels!

5 | Sharing

The Great Client is proud of the work they are achieving through coaching. They reach out and share that growth with friends, family, and anyone else who will listen. They know that sharing is caring and if they can help someone else find a Great Coach, they will be making the world a better place!


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